The Picks And Shovels Model For Weed

by admin

During the GOLD rush the best profits were not made by gold miners, they were made by companies selling picks and shovels. While the gold rush has long past, the investment model remains.

In the Weed stock space such a company is Weed Maps (MAPS). The business model comes in the form of an app that allows consumers to find the best pot in the area (a Yelp of sorts) for Weed.

From a financial perspective the company has constant growing revenue, it sells below book value, it has a Price/Sales of 1.92 and actual profitability (basically a miracle in the weed space). Considering now it’s trading below fair value. If federal legalization ever comes the space might explode with returns in the hundreds of %.

Meanwhile it trades at a 76% discount form all time highs reached in Feb 2021. With a unfiled gap price above 10$, oversold divergence on multiple timeframes and a cross on the MACD indicator (on the daily and weakly time frame)

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